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PVC PE fireproof pvc artificial thatch roof synthetic viro thatch roofing material Simulated Straw

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Anti-corrosion
  • Mildew proof
  • Moisture-proof
  • Fireproof
  • Various model types

Product Details

PVC PE fireproof artificial thatch plastic synthetic roofing thatch/Simulated Straw/Tiki bar roof thatchEasy installation
High Imitation
Long lifespan       
1. High Imitation  
2. Anti-corrosion, insect-proof, moistureproof          
 3. Anti-ultraviolet environmental protection           
4. Drought tolerance, temperature tolerance and weather tolerance          
 5. Simple installation and less maintenance          
 6. Colors are optional           
The advantages of simulating thatch are as follows:           
1. The color has excellent weather resistance and ultraviolet resistance, and the color is durable and stable.           
2. Excellent acid and alkaline resistance, can withstand the harsh environment of wind and sunshine;           
3. Good adhesion, high toughness, strong impact resistance, smooth coating, strong pollution resistance, easy cleaning;          
4. The color range is wide, bright and beautiful, and the texture is good. Decoration effect is good, can maximize the satisfaction of customer requirements.           
5. Good rigidity, flexibility, high strength and reasonable structure. Wind pressure deformation resistance, rain water leakage resistance and air leakage resistance, seismic performance can meet the structural design requirements.          
6. Good processing performance. It can be processed into various complex shapes such as plane, arc, hemisphere and so on, which fully meets all kinds of design requirements.           
7. Construction and installation are flexible, convenient, fast and easy to maintain.           
8. It is not easy to be polluted and easy to be cleaned and maintained.          
9. Recyclable and renewable treatment is conducive to environmental protection.           

Scope of application:           
Landscape, tourist attractions, parks, zoos, amusement parks, holiday villages, folk culture villages, hotels, villas, seashore, swimming pools, leisure supermarkets, barbecues, farms and other places.              

We are specialized supplier of artificial thatch roof sheets.
There are more than 30 model types of pvc thatches.
Usual size: 500*500mm, 6-8pcs/sqm; 1000*500mm, 3-5pcs/sqm; 1000*600mm, 2-4pcs/sqm.
Material: PE/PA/HDPE
Fire resistant grade: B/B1
Please contact me for detail catalogue.
OEM is acceptable.
Samples are available.

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